Step 2 - Add Error Handling to the Code

In this step, we add error handling to our code based on the example in the previous step.

  • Create a new file called add the following code:
# Standard Imports
import argparse
import json

# 3rd Party Imports
import boto3

# Arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Provides translation  between one source language and another of the same set of languages.")
    help="The path to the input file. The file should be valid json",

args = parser.parse_args()

# Functions

# Open the input file to get the json.
def open_input():
    with open(args.filename) as file_object:
        contents = json.load(file_object)
        return contents['Input']

# Boto3 function to use Amazon Translate to translate the text and only return the Translated Text
def translate_text(**kwargs):
    client = boto3.client('translate')
    response = client.translate_text(**kwargs)

# Add a Loop to iterate over the json file.
def translate_loop():
    input_text = open_input()
    for item in input_text:
        if input_validation(item) == True:
            raise SystemError

# Add our input validation as a function here.
def input_validation(item):
    languages = ["af","sq","am","ar","az","bn","bs","bg","zh","zh-TW","hr","cs","da","fa-AF",
    SourceLanguageCode = json_input['SourceLanguageCode']
    TargetLanguageCode = json_input['TargetLanguageCode']

    if SourceLanguageCode == TargetLanguageCode:
        print("The SourceLanguageCode is the same as the TargetLanguageCode - nothing to do")
        return False
    elif SourceLanguageCode not in languages and TargetLanguageCode not in languages:
        print("Neither the SourceLanguageCode and TargetLanguageCode are valid - stopping")
        return False
    elif SourceLanguageCode not in languages:
        print("The SourceLanguageCode is not valid - stopping")
        return False
    elif TargetLanguageCode not in languages:
        print("The TargetLanguageCode is not valid - stopping")
        return False
    elif SourceLanguageCode in languages and TargetLanguageCode in languages:
        print("The SourceLanguageCode and TargetLanguageCode are valid - proceeding")
        return True
        print("There is an issue")
        return False

# Main Function - use to call other functions
def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":
  • Modify the code to include a try-except block around the following functions:
  1. open_input()

  2. translate_text()

  3. translate_loop()

  4. input_validation()

Check your solution
  • To run the program, enter the following command into the terminal:

    python --file translate_input.json

What did we do?

  1. You have added try-except statements to each of the functions in your code.

  2. You have added a botocore ClientError to the function to provide the specific error that Boto3 generates if there is an issue.

What did python do?

  1. Python is running the code using the try statement. If this fails it will use the except statement which tells it what action to carry out.