You have successfully finished the Learn Python on AWS workshop!

In this workshop, you have learned how to:

  1. Setup and use Cloud9
  2. Use the python IDE
  3. Use virtual environments
  4. Learned how to use variables
  5. Learned about some of pythons data types
  6. Learned how to define and use functions
  7. Learned about arguments and parameters
  8. Learned how you can input data from the command prompt, command line and from files
  9. Use loops
  10. Added logic using if statements
  11. Add logging to help with debugging and understanding flow
  12. Learned how to use try-except to handle errors and exceptions
  13. Save data using Amazon DynamoDB
  14. Learned how to use Amazon Translate

That is a huge amount and don’t worry if it doesn’t all make sense or you have forgotten some of it already.

The next step is to start with a small project and build something. Find another AWS service like Amazon Translate and try to use what you have learned in this workshop with that service. As you keep building, the knowledge gained will become fixed and you will move onto more and more complex problems.

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Thank you.